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Memorial University of Newfoundland - Digital Archives Initiative

A finding aid is a document created by archivists to provide detailed information about a specific collection of papers or records held by Archives and Special Collections. Finding aids are used by researchers to determine whether information within a collection may be relevant to their research. To complete your research and use the records, you may need to visit us.

The following is a partial list of finding aids of the holdings of Archives and Special Collections. Click on one of the highlighted collection identifiers to gain access to the detailed finding aid for that collection.

Caution: This list contains only a small percentage of the finding aids that are available. To view finding aids for collections not present in this list, please visit the Archives Reading Room (L-1006) or contact us at All finding aids will be placed online as time permits.

MF-420A Secret Nation (Screenplay)MF-200Kelland, Donald
COLL-020A.H. Murray Short Story ContestMF-334Kelly, Matilda
MF-145Adams, LawrenceMF-197Kennedy, Monsignor Patrick J.
COLL-036Aid to New Newfoundlanders '79MF-394Keynes, Richard
COLL-191Aidan Maloney papersMF-214Knight, G. Wilson
COLL-364Air Raid Precautions Note BookMF-344Knight, William Blackler
MF-241Alexander, AnneMF-344Knight, William Blackler
OMF-050American Legion, Fort Pepperrell Post, Soiree 88MF-062L'Anse au Clair (Labrador). Church of England Women's Association.
COLL-015Andersen, RaoulCOLL-266Labrador Creative Arts Festival
MF-147Anderson, Hugh AbercrombieMF-063Langdon, John
MF-288Anderson, John MurrayCOLL-199Laurence, Joseph
OMF-025Andrews, DonaldCOLL-147Lawton, Sidney
MF-222Andrews, Maria PatienceCOLL-216Lewis, Olivia
MF-230Another Time 1991, press kitCOLL-205Lewis, Rev. John
MF-050Arnold, Mary EllicottCOLL-008Leyton, Elliott
COLL-068Art Association of Newfoundland and LabradorOMF-002Lind, Henry
COLL-392Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland Incorporated CollectionCOLL-128London Theatre Company
COLL-359Asssociation of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and LabradorCOLL-219Longside Players
MF-389Attenborough, FrederickCOLL-085Lord Taylor of Harlow
MF-185Avalon Book ClubMF-377MacDermott, Hugh
MF-285Avalon Glee ClubMF-170MacKinnon, A.H.
COLL-395Avion PlayersCOLL-375Macpherson, Campbell
COLL-322Ayre, RubyMF-127Maddock, Frederick Bemister
COLL-033Bachelot de la PylaieCOLL-183Major, Kevin
MF-159Bailey, AaronMF-385Manuel Family diary
COLL-170Baird Family papersCOLL-477Manuscript Atlas of the French Cod Fisheries of Newfoundland
COLL-034Banks, JosephMF-081Margaret Walters, Magistrates Court Summons, 1944
MF-003Banks, Sir JosephCOLL-048Matthews, Evelyn
MF-004Bannerman, AlexanderMF-161Matthews, Keith
MF-419Banquo's GhostMF-376May, Dr. William
COLL-323Barban, AndreasMF-164McCarthy, John
COLL-173Barbara Barrett Basement TheatreCOLL-299McCarthy, Olive
COLL-057Barnes, ArthurCOLL-226McDonald, Ian
COLL-028Barrelman Radio ProgramCOLL-156McGrath, James
COLL-178Barrett, BarbaraMF-408McGrath, Richard Thomas
MF-250Barrett, IdaMF-066McGrigor, G.D.
MF-111Bartlett, Captain BobMF-276McNeil, Frances
MF-219Bartlett, GeorgeMF-343Memorandum Concerning the Plantations upon a war with ffrance
MF-005Battle Harbour, Labrador, Anglican Church MissionOMF-011Memorial University College photograph collection
COLL-412Bay Theatre Community PlayersCOLL-214Memorial University of Newfoundland Extension Service Visual and Performing Arts
MF-119Bell, RobertMF-284Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty Association.
MF-378Bemister, JohnOMF-012Memorial University of Newfoundland photographs
MF-006Benevolent Irish Society, St. John'sCOLL-047Memorial University of Newfoundland, Department of Geography
MF-007Benger, John W.MF-257Memorial University of Newfoundland, Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER
MF-221Benjamin Irby Way papersMF-162Memorial University of Newfoundland. Centre for Cold Ocean Resources Engineering. C-CORE
MF-195Benjamin LatrobeCOLL-113Memorial University of Newfoundland. Faculty Council of Education
COLL-254Bennett, MyraOMF-018Memorial University of Newfoundland. Faculty of Education, 1974
MF-092Benson, DavidOMF-009Memorial University of Newfoundland. Library.
COLL-324Benson, WilliamMF-154Memorial University of Newfoundland. Old Memorial's Association Study Group.
MF-291Bernstein, MurielCOLL-021Memorial University of Newfoundland. School of Graduate Studies Academic Council.
COLL-061Berry, FredaMF-234Merasheen Island map
COLL-198Bickerdike, Rhoda DawsonMF-348Mercer, Dr. Samuel. Dr. Samuel Mercer papers
OMF-049Bird, WillMF-283Methodist Church Sunday School, Bonavista
MF-194Bishop, E.I.COLL-267Mews, H.G.R
MF-131Bishop, Samuel JamesCOLL-462Micmac Catechism, 1866
MF-295Blackmore, MartinCOLL-318Micmac Prayer Book
COLL-335Blake, MauriceMF-275Midwives' Club
MF-008Blathwayt, Sir WilliamCOLL-016Miller, Florence
COLL-124Boland, RickMF-364Miller, Raymond H.
MF-236Bole, JohnMF-046Miss Lefroy collection
MF-441Bonavista PetitionsMF-176Mission Church Men's Guild (St. John's, Nfld.: Anglican).
COLL-236Bond, Rev. GeorgeMF-181Moir, John
COLL-237Bond, Sir RobertMF-335Montagu, John
MF-337Booth, Evangeline C.MF-157Moore, Dorothea May
OMF-008Boston Newfoundlanders Marathon ClubMF-068Moore, Francis
MF-138Bourquin, TheodorMF-104Moravian Church
MF-340Bowers, Patrick RaymondMF-205Moravian Church
COLL-157Bowring FamilyMF-163Moravian Church, Hebron
COLL-311Bowring Park Photograph Albums by Rudolph CochiusCOLL-264Morgan, Bernice
MF-272Bowring, Sir Edgar RennieMF-252Morgan, G. Lloyd
MF-390Brennan, CarolineMF-274Morgan, Herbert B.
MF-043British Library. Manuscript, Additional 5795COLL-083Morgan, M.O.
MF-001British Library. Manuscript. Additional 13972COLL-259Morine, Sir Alfred B.
MF-038British Library. Manuscript. Additional 15492 Vol. 1-22 Admiralty correspondence, 1696-1697MF-279Morris, Ann
MF-045British Library. Manuscript. Additional 42223 Matthews Collection, Vol. XLII. Prerogative Court of Canterbury Abstracts, 1702-1728MF-315Morris, Michael William
MF-093British Library. Manuscript. Additional 43532ff. 148, 157. Papers of Lord Ripon relating to Newfoundland, 1892-1895COLL-405Morris, Sandy
MF-095British Library. Manuscript. Additional 43559, ff. 135-178. Papers of Lord Ripon relating to Newfoundland, 1892-1895MF-070Morry family
MF-094British Library. Manuscript. Additional 43637, ff. 14, 16. Papers of Lord Ripon relating to British Library. Manuscript. Papers of Lord Ripon relating to Newfoundland, 1892MF-387Moss, William Pearce
MF-002British Library. Manuscript. Additional 5489, F. 41.MF-037Mrs. Goodford correspondence
MF-039British Library. Manuscript. Additional 5540, f.23, Memorandum, 1795MF-087Mullock, John Thomas
MF-080British Library. Manuscript. Additional 6820, f.185MF-121Munn, Robert S.
MF-042British Library. Manuscript. Additional 7099. Accounts of the expenses of Henry VII, 1497OMF-037Murphy, J.F.
MF-171British Library. Manuscript. Captain Edward Wynne letters, 1630MF-073Murray, Alexander
MF-040British Library. Manuscript. Egerton 921, State of the Trade to Newfoundland,1705-1706COLL-158Murray, Janet (Miller) Ayre
MF-173British Library. Manuscript. Sloan 3662, ff. 24-26, Calvert family papers, 1670MF-410Murray, Myles
MF-029Brother Edwards, Moravian MissionaryMF-265Myrick, John
MF-351Brothers, Richard. Richard Brothers printsC0LL-296Neal, George
MF-010Brown FamilyCOLL-074Neary, Stephen
COLL-115Brown, CassieCOLL-391Neighbourhood Dance Works
COLL-218Brown, LoisMF-152Netten, Theophilus
COLL-187Browne, Patrick W.MF-151Netten, William
MF-109Browne, William J.COLL-177Nevitt, Joyce
MF-011Browning, Thomas BlairCOLL-130Newfie Bullet
MF-199Bruton, Francis ArchibaldMF-052Newfoundland-Spanish Cod Fisheries, 1583.
MF-012Buchanan, ArchibaldMF-260Newfoundland Academy of Art
MF-251Buchanan, RobertaMF-372Newfoundland Agricultural Society
COLL-162Buehler, RichardCOLL-180Newfoundland and Labrador Drama Festival
MF-413Burrows, RuthMF-215Newfoundland Association in Aid of the Deep Sea Mission on on Labrador
MF-303Burry, Dean MichaelCOLL-196Newfoundland Colonial Secretary Office Census of Newfoundland 1911-1921
MF-013Burt, JamesMF-074Newfoundland Constabulary and Fire Department
MF-169Butler, Samuel RussellMF-339Newfoundland Election Trials, a drawing
COLL-155Butt, A.B.MF-266Newfoundland Hotel (St. John's, Nfld.)
COLL-032Butt, GraceCOLL-062Newfoundland Library Association
MF-014Byng, JohnCOLL-151Newfoundland Outport Nurses and Industrial Association (NONIA)
MF-224Byron, JohnCOLL-144Newfoundland Performing Arts Scripts
OMF-042Cabot, JohnCOLL-169Newfoundland Performing Arts Theatre Reviews
COLL-122Cahill, TomMF-244Newfoundland Savings Bank
MF-165Cameron, DonMF-254Newfoundland Stamp Exchange
COLL-337Canadian Association of College and University Student ServicesMF-263Newfoundland Transportation Company Limited
COLL-066Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, NewfoundlandCOLL-129Newfoundland Travelling Theatre Company
MF-255Canadian Sealers' UnionMF-281Newfoundland. Board of Liquor Control: permit, 1923-1960.
MF-017Cantwell, JamesMF-076Newfoundland. Department of Assessor: income tax forms
COLL-474Captain Kevin Keegan collectionMF-227Newfoundland. Dept. of Defence
MF-332Carbery, EllenMF-267Newfoundland. Dept. of Education
COLL-012Carew, S.J.MF-175Newfoundland. Dept. of Public Welfare, Labrador Services Division
MF-261Carroll, William JosephMF-077Newfoundland. House of Assembly, Newfoundland Railway report, 1897
MF-191Carson, WilliamMF-264Newfoundland. Royal Newfoundland Regiment.
COLL-045Cathedral of St. John the BaptistMF-299Nichol, Don
MF-321Cave, William HenryMF-397Norma and Gladys, schooner
MF-228CBC Great Newfoundland Novel ContestCOLL-067Norman Duncan papers
MF-150Chancey, Margaret MayoCOLL-195Northern Ranger Logbook
COLL-451Change Islands Theatre Material CollectionMF-359Nunaksoamiut Players
MF-106Chesshyre, RobertMF-149O'Driscoll, Michael
MF-026Chichester, CharlesCOLL-239O'Meara, Terence
COLL-002Child Welfare AssociationCOLL-123O'Neil, Frankie
OMF-040Chimmo, WilliamMF-586Oh! You Nasty Nazi Man: Novelty March Song from Newfoundland
COLL-228Chislett, AnneCOLL-131Oil In The Family Radio program
MF-009Church of England School, (Haystack)MF-085Outerbridge, Sir Leonard
MF-361Classique International Model ManagementCOLL-140Outport Arts Foundation
COLL-174Cluett, FrancesMF-382Palliser, Hugh, Sir
COLL-009Coaker, Sir WilliamCOLL-406Peace-A-Chord Collection
COLL-055Cochrane, JohnMF-391Pelley, Marina
COLL-121CODCOMF-353Percy, John
MF-020Columbus Ladies AssociationCOLL-053Perlin, Rae
OMF-021Community Planning Association of Canada, Newfoundland DivisionCOLL-328Perlin. Albert
COLL-035Community Planning Association of Canada. Newfoundland DivisionMF-179Petite, Gordon
COLL-084Condon, MichaelCOLL-150Peyton Family
OMF-022Cook, JamesMF-278Philip Bromfield
COLL-415Cook, Maxwell collectionMF-417Pike, Bartholomew
MF-311Coombs, DeborahCOLL-005Pinsent, Gordon
MF-370Cooper, GeorgianaCOLL-013Porter, Helen
MF-370Cooper, GeorgianaMF-355Power, Gregory
MF-318Cormack, William EppesMF-133Pratt, Calvert C.
COLL-221Corner Brook PlaymakersMF-396Pye, Frances
MF-350Corner Brook, Armorial BearingsMF-434R. G. Reid
MF-056Cox, DudleyCOLL-431Ralph, Gordon
COLL-439Cox, DudleyMF-342Reardon, Rev. Vincent
COLL-027Crawford, JamesCOLL-333Rees, Rainer
COLL-073Crosbie, John C.MF-369Rennie Family Papers
MF-347Crowley, Mary. Mary Crowley papersCOLL-411Republic of Doyle
MF-201Cyrus West Field correspondenceCOLL-258Rideout, Tom
MF-421Da Slyme (Band)MF-246Ritcey, John
COLL-094Darby, Jessie G.MF-072Robert Gear MacDonald correspondence
MF-134Davey, JohnOMF-047Robert John Kent papers
MF-248Davidson, Sir Walter EdwardMF-031Robert William Facey papers
MF-022Davison, Mrs. RalphCOLL-078Roberts, Edward
MF-142Dawe, Hugh MaxwellCOLL-185Roche, Edward Patrick
MF-239Dawson, J.W.COLL-269Rompkey, William
MF-304Day, James WentworthMF-247Rorke family
MF-304Day, James WentworthCOLL-502Rosenberg, Neil V.
MF-132De Fourquevaux papersCOLL-472Rossley Kiddie Company
MF-358Demarest, VoorhisMF-211Rouleau, Ernest
COLL-133Department of Theatre, Grenfell Campus, MUNOMF-045Rouse, Oliver
MF-208Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, White HillsCOLL-077Rowe, Frederick. Dr. Frederick Rowe Fonds
COLL-229Devine, MarieCOLL-030Royal Commission on Canada's Economic Prospects, 1956
MF-329Dickenson, EthelCOLL-314Royal Newfoundland Regiment
MF-186Dickman, Ilka DeutschCOLL-050Rubia, Geraldine
COLL-161Dicks, EileenCOLL-234Ruggles, C.F.
COLL-371Dohaney, M.T.COLL-089Russell, Ted and Dora
MF-187Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation (Wabana, Nfld.)COLL-071Rusted, Nigel
COLL-070Dorothy Inglis papersCOLL-024Ruth Roach Pierson papers
MF-338Douglas, HowardCOLL-343S.H. Parsons Photograph Collection
COLL-106Duckworth, Sir JohnCOLL-503S.H. Parsons Views of Newfoundland Photograph Album
COLL-037Duder, EdwinMF-167S.S. Sagona
MF-326Duggan, Alphonsus GregoryMF-193Sack, Steve
COLL-248Duley, MargaretMF-090Sara Mickle correspondence, 1896-1900
COLL-031Dunfield, Caroline WithersCOLL-402Schrader, Frank
COLL-006Dunfield, Sir BrianCOLL-206Schwall, Mary
COLL-399Earle, FredMF-156Sclater, William
MF-188East End Neighbourhood Improvement ProgramMF-060Scott, David
COLL-355Ecke, RobertMF-098Sedier, G.
COLL-142Edward John Goudie papersCOLL-176Sellars, Walter
COLL-001Effie M. Morrissey shipMF-204Selous, Frederick
MF-177Ellis, Harold F.MF-079Sexton, Ethel
MF-259Ernestina (Ship)COLL-453Shakespeare By The Sea Collection
MF-357Evans, Sir Francis HenryMF-371Shallop Cove, Roman Catholic School diary
MF-030Evening MercuryMF-018Shelburne, William Petty
COLL-069F.W. Peacock papersCOLL-437Shepard, Leslie
COLL-029Fallon, LukeMF-024Shirley Dobson-Gilroy collection
COLL-422Faris, JamesMF-245Simms, Leonard
MF-139Fay, C.R.MF-297Simms, Walter
MF-207Feild, EdwardMF-025Sir Charles Douglas papers
COLL-181Fenwick, PeterMF-100Sir Edmund Gosse papers
MF-168Fishermen's Protective UnionMF-306Sir Humphrey Gilbert
MF-174Fishery Products Limited (Nfld.).MF-069Sir Richard Goodwin Keats: Memorial, 1813
COLL-438Foreman, JohnCOLL-058Skirving, Harvey
MF-404Forsey, MarieMF-071 MF-071Slade and Company, Moss
MF-392Foss, Harvey FreemanMF-101Slade and Kelson journals
MF-064Fox, ArthurCOLL-075Smallwood, J.R.
MF-243France. Archives de la Marine, Crew AgreementCOLL-285Smallwood, J.R.
OMF-027France. Archives de la Marine: DocumentsMF-365Smallwood, Reginald. Reginald Smallwood manuscript
MF-120France. Commissaire du Departement.COLL-215Smith, Lorraine and Jackson, Stephen
COLL-494Francis, David "Newfoundland trip, 1947"MF-189Smith, William
MF-166Fraser, Rev. Donald AllanCOLL-088Snow, Graham
COLL-193Frecker, G.A.COLL-044Sons of Temperance. Grand Division of Newfoundland. Grand Bank Division
COLL-192Frecker, HelenaMF-216Soulsby, Gladys E. Gladys E. Soulsby papers
COLL-294Freeman, CharlesCOLL-394Sound Symposium
COLL-469French, DavidCOLL-190Southcott, Mary
COLL-276Frew and TessierCOLL-263Sparkes, Grace
MF-033Friede, NatanMF-182Speck, Frank. Frank G. Speck papers
COLL-346Frost, Charles SydneyCOLL-253Spencer, Erle Rose
COLL-317Froude, DonaldCOLL-250Squires, Sir Richard
MF-367Froude, Eldon. Eldon Froude photographsMF-097St. John's Auxiliary Fire Service
MF-099Furness, Withy and CompanyMF-184St. John's Book Club
COLL-146Gard, PeterCOLL-051St. John's Folk Arts Council
MF-035Gardiner, Dr. SylvesterCOLL-409St. John's Players
MF-319Garland, CharlesMF-320St. John, William Charles
MF-135Garland, John BingleyMF-112St. Malo (France) documents.
MF-325Garland, S. E.MF-330St. Thomas, Church of England School, teaching materials
MF-217Gillingham, DaphneCOLL-065Stacey, Alec
MF-036Gledhill, JosephCOLL-370STAGE Project Collection
MF-273Glover, Sir John HawleyCOLL-220Stagg, Bruce
MF-333Godfrey, StuartCOLL-499Steele Family Collection
COLL-134Goldie, TerryCOLL-179Steele, Owen
MF-409Gosling, Armine NuttingMF-178Steer, Michael
COLL-297Gosling, William GilbertMF-122Stewart, John
MF-155Gosse family papersCOLL-251Stirling Family
MF-148Goudie, ElizabethMF-324Stirlings Steak House Menu
COLL-108Gough, WilliamCOLL-011Stoker, John Teasdale
COLL-410Grand Bank Performing Arts CollectionCOLL-243Story, George
COLL-207Great Britain Newfoundland Royal Commission 1933 PhotographsMF-172Story, James
OMF-001Great Britain. Admiralty: fisheries reports, French Shore, and Labrador, 1871 and 1872MF-333Stuart R. Godfrey papers
MF-075Great Britain. Board of Customs and Excise: 'Licence to import produce from the U.S. to Newfoundland', 1804COLL-139Sullivan, J.M.
MF-102Great Britain. Cabinet Office: concerning Newfoundland's political future after World War II, 1943-1948MF-302Sullivan, Rose M.
COLL-004Great Britain. Colonial Office: Annual returns of the Colony of Newfoundland 1830, 1832 and 1835MF-290Summers, Elizabeth
OMF-019Great Britain. Committee for Trade and Plantations: report by Sir William Poole, on conditions in Newfoundland,1677MF-341Swansborough, William
OMF-006Great Britain. Committee for Trade and Plantations: Report by William Taverner, HM Surveyor of Newfoundland, 1714COLL-232Tait, Robert H. The Robert H. Tait Fonds
MF-044Great Britain. Court of Chancery. Charter of Avalon, granted to Sir George Calvert, Lord Baltimore, 1623MF-313Tasker, Patrick
MF-103Great Britain. Dominions Office. Reports of economic stability and political future of Newfoundland after World War IIMF-130Taylor, Captain Joseph
MF-041Great Britain. Sovereign: King William's instructions for Colonel Gibson in command of the expedition to Newfoundland, 1697MF-256Taylor, Gordon
MF-107Great Britain. Treasury: documents concerning the economic stability and political future of Newfoundland after World War IIMF-229Taylor, Marguerite
COLL-268Great Eastern (Radio)MF-225Templeton, Dorothy
COLL-281Grenfell Labrador Medical MissionMF-327The Boys of St. Vincent
MF-383Grenfell Labrador Medical MissionCOLL-203The Cater Andrews Collection
MF-323Grenville, NancyCOLL-137The Geography Collection
MF-047Griffith, Mrs. Charles, International Grenfell AssociationMF-375The Lady of Avenel, ship
MF-158Gushue-Taylor, GeorgeMF-218The Narrows, St. John's
COLL-429Gustav Anderson Photograph AlbumCOLL-126The Resource Foundation for the Arts. (Mummers Troupe)
MF-128Guy, JohnCOLL-136Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador
MF-048Guy, JohnCOLL-308Thomas F. Nangle
MF-049Guy, JohnMF-116Thomas Miles correspondence, 1858
COLL-265Guy, RayMF-067Thomas Pelham-Holles, Duke of Newcastle.
MF-399Guy, RaymondCOLL-003Thompson Family
COLL-316Gwyn, SandraMF-034Timothy Gallavan papers
MF-140H.M.S. RoseCOLL-413TreeTop Theatre
COLL-039Harding, WilliamCOLL-334Troake, Gary
COLL-307Harrington, MichaelMF-418Trust Me (Script)
MF-269Harris, Elizabeth GeorginaCOLL-152Tuck, Leslie
COLL-041Harvey, MosesCOLL-213Tucker, George H.
MF-296Hay, James B.MF-352Tucker, Maud
MF-229Hayward, JohnMF-366Tudor, H. Hugh
MF-395Hearts Content Cable StationMF-374Tulk, William
COLL-018Hefferton, SamuelMF-336Underdown, John
MF-368Henley, Edward. Edward Henley photograph collectionOMF-028Union Mining Company
MF-437Henry J. Stabb and Co.MF-237Upper Salmon - Cat Arm Hydroelectric Developments
COLL-327Henry Mott's portraits from Newfoundland Men, 1894MF-322Veduta d'un palco engraving
COLL-249Hettasch FamilyMF-282Verdun F. Locke, ration book
OMF-033Higgins, JohnMF-316Veteran Subscription Form, The
COLL-087Higgins, John GilbertCOLL-397Vey, James
OMF-046Hiscock, ArthurMF-028Victor Du Prae papers
COLL-182Hiscock, EugeneMF-065Viscount Henry Dundas Melville correspondence, 1789
MF-400Hodder, GeorgeMF-293Volk, Maureen
COLL-171Hodgins, CharlesCOLL-148AWalsh, Des
COLL-022Holme, Randle Fynes WilsonCOLL-457Walsh, Don
COLL-127Holmes, JohnMF-143Warr, George
MF-249Honeygold, Thomas.MF-202Warren, Christine
MF-126Hoogendoorn, RobertMF-294Welcome to Canada video
MF-051Hope-Scott, J.R.MF-294Welcome to Canada video
OMF-051Hortons PlantationMF-023Wentworth, Sir Charles Wentworth. Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke collection
COLL-167Horwood, JoanCOLL-252Whalan, Stella
MF-220Horwood, RobertMF-587What's The Matter With Sally? Opretta in Two Acts for Children
MF-053Howe, JosephMF-113Whiteley, Albert
MF-287Howlett, Charles JosephCOLL-117Whiteley, George
COLL-262Howley Family PapersMF-125Whiteway, Louise. Louise Whiteway papers
COLL-241Hubbard, MinaCOLL-026Whiteway, Sir William
COLL-284Illuminated Medieval Liturgical ManuscriptsMF-305Wilfred Grenfell Drawing : Christmas Carol from Labrador
MF-277Inuit LithographsMF-233Willard De Lue papers
MF-232Jacobsen, Johan AdrianCOLL-347Williamson, Tony
MF-435James L. Scaplin 1846-1848MF-114Willoughby, Sir Percival
COLL-014Janes, PercyOMF-004Willson, Alexander
MF-055Jeffers, George WilliamMF-123Wilson, Edward
MF-298Jellison, EarleMF-019Wilson, James
COLL-414Joanna Gosse CollectionCOLL-363Winter, Gordon
COLL-201Johnson familyMF-196Winter, H.M.
MF-141Johnson, HazelMF-115Winter, Harry
COLL-240Jones, AndyMF-258Wise,Thomas
COLL-498Joseph Iserhoff DiariesMF-209Witham, William
COLL-407Joshua M. Brooks property plansCOLL-052Women's Association of Memorial University of Newfoundland (WAMUN)
MF-238Journal of Rev William Marshall, Methodist Missionary to Newfoundland 1839-1842COLL-160Women and History Project
MF-238Journal of Rev William Marshall, Methodist Missionary to Newfoundland 1839-1842MF-331Wood, Thomas M.
COLL-166Jubilee Guilds of Newfoundland - Newfoundland and Labrador Women's InstitutesCOLL-110Woods Labour Board
MF-032Jukes, JosephMF-027Woodworth-Lynas, Carla
COLL-264Julia MorganCOLL-419Workshop in Newfoundland Theatre Research
COLL-339Kean, JobCOLL-489World War I Artifacts
COLL-217Kearney, JosephCOLL-141Wornell, Abe
MF-059Keen, WilliamMF-198Young, Bennett and Weston
MF-200Kelland, DonaldCOLL-095Zonta Club
MF-334Kelly, Matilda

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